Top 5 Simple Topics for Beginners in Cybersecurity (2022)

J Sai Samarth
3 min readMar 7, 2022


What are simple topics for beginners to learn for cybersecurity in 2022? To answer this question, I will be discussing with you 4 simple topics in cybersecurity. Let’s hop right into it!

1.) Secure Passwords:

The keys to our computerized realm, passwords ought to be firmly secured. A ton of the times, that is every one of the a cybercriminal needs to get sufficiently close to your record.

2.) Malware:

Malware, malware, malware! You hear that term all over the place, nonetheless, it can mean such countless various things. Malware is a greater amount of an umbrella term utilized for any sort of malevolent programming on the Internet scene from irritating adware to wrecking ransomware.

3.) Protection:

On the off chance that this isn’t an issue for you, it ought to be. A many individuals take the position of “I really do nothing off-base, consequently I don’t have anything to stow away.” but that is to a great extent misjudged. You have everything to stow away. So many applications, sites and administrations we utilize online today have a store of information about their clients, they’re a goldmine for a cybercriminal.

4.) Information Breaches:

Information breaks are the reason we should think often about our security. Tricksters and hoodlums target organizations to get however much information as could reasonably be expected with regards to a person, which thus assists them with submitting wholesale fraud or gather a strong aggregate on the bootleg market for the information. Find out with regards to how information breaks occur and how to treat you end up engaging in an information break.

5.) Safe Computing:

A ton of the dangers today you can battle yourself, just furnished with a tad of information. Web security programming is a fundamental piece of the network safety pie, be that as it may, it can’t safeguard you structure each and every danger out there.


To conclude, these are 5 simple cybersecurity topics that every beginner MUST know. It’s imperative to note that there were many other topics that I have not discussed. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below!


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